XTAR VC4S Smart Battery Charger

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The Xtar VC4S is the new 4 bay USB battery charger 

With incredible large colour display. The LCD displays detailed information including charging info. It features automatic voltage detection of batteries and battery type. VC4S is compatible with wide range of batteries such as Li-ion, IMR, INR, ICR, NiMh and Ni-Cd cells. The VC4S is powered by included micro-USB cable. 4 Bay intelligent USB battery charger!


Features :

  • Wide range of batteries compatibility.
  • Quick charge QC3.0, Max 3A for each slot.
  • Try the actual battery capacity, maximize battery life.
  • Micro USB input for convenience.
  • Intelligent detection to save time.
  • Automatically detects the type of battery.
  • Multiple protections guarantee safe charging.
  • High precision, auto-off when fully charged.
  • Activation "0V", restores excessively discharged batteries.


  • Input - QC3.0 (5V-3A or 9V-2A)
  • Output - 3A x 1, 2A x 2, 1A x 4, 0.5A x 4
  • Cutoff Voltage - 4.2V +/- 0.05V / 1.45+/-0.1V
  • Compatible Batteries:
  • Dimensions
  • Weight - 212 g


Package Includes;