SOUNDPEATS T2 Wireless Earbuds Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling

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SOUNDPEATS T2 Wireless Earbuds


Active Noise Cancelling & Hybrid ANC


Hybrid noise cancellation uses microphones to seek out ambient noises and then cancel them out. With 2 noise cancelling mics in each of the SOUNDPEATS T2 earbuds, one of them works for both noise reduction and phone calls, the soundpeats T2 wireless earbuds can effectively suppress ambient noise in a large range by up to 30dB.

Transparency Mode & Touch Control

This mode supports picking up and amplifying the surrounding sound through the mics. It lets the outside sound in and allows you to talk to people nearby and be aware of things happening around you without taking off the earbuds. The sensitive touch control ensures your easy switch between ANC and transparency modes.

Bluetooth 5.1 & Unbreakable Connection

The SOUNDPEATS T2 adopts an advanced chip to provide stable, fast and reliable connection without distortion. Simply open the charging case and turn on the Bluetooth to build connection. The SOUNDPEATS T2 wireless earbuds support working with either one earbud separately or both earbuds together.

30 Hours & LED Indicators

Ultra long playtime up to 10 hours with single charge (8 hours with ANC mode on), and another 2 recharges provided by the charging case to ensure your daily or weekly use. Equipped with Type-C charging port for your convenience with wide applicability. The LEDs on the charging case tells you clearly the power left.

Pleasant Sound & Large Driver

While focusing on noise reduction performance, the SOUNDPEATS T2 earbuds also value your experience on sound. It adopts 12mm large driver and advanced audio processing technology to provide you with incredibly high-quality sound and deep bass with rich details while immersing yourself in a quiet private world.

Technical Specifications

Bluetooth Chip: Airoha AB1562A
Waterproof Level: IPX5
Bluetooth: 5.1
Audio Codec: SBC, AAC, MP3
Working Range: 33 feet(10m)
Technology: BT5.0, HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP


Case Capacity: 370mAh
Earbuds Capacity:55*2mAh
Charging Time: 2 hours
Standby Time: 150 hours
Playtime Time: ANC ON 7.5 hours, ANC OFF 10 hours


Product Dimensions: 0.8 * 0.84 * 1.03 inches
Item Weight: 1.72 ounces
Shipping Weight: 4.19 ounces

Package  Includes

soundpeats T2 Wireless Earbuds
Charging Cable
Charging Case
Interchangeable Ear Tips
User Manual




Double-tap on the left earbud to activate active noise cancelling mode to block the ambient noise around, and switch to transparency mode to let the world in.

Touch Control

Sensitive and comfortable touch control allows your easy access to volume, songs, phone calls, voice assistant, ANC mode and transparency mode.

Bluetooth 5.1

Bluetooth 5.1 ensures fast and stable connection with low power consumption and greatly improves the efficency and enhances the performance.



Long Duration

Ultra long 10 hours playtime per charge and another 2 recharges by charging case, 8 hours with ANC on. 30 hours in total to ensure your daily and weekly enjoyment.

Seamless Connection

Entering pairing mode directly after case lid open. Advanced tech brings smooth switch between single mode with either earbud and twin mode with both.

More Intuitional

LEDs on the charging case tell the battery left in the charging case. The earbuds will not be powered off after placing back if the case battery is dead.



Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great for calls and music!

The sound quality on these earbuds are very good. Vocals are nicely balance with the music. For calls, the audio is very clear and the person on the other end can't tell that you're using earbuds. Nothing special or complicated about the pairing process. Pairing the earbuds was essentially the same as pairing any other blue-tooth device.
I took a star off for a couple of minor items:

1) Touch Controls: Its hard to avoid trigger the touch controls when you are just readjusting the earbuds. This will cause the earbuds to turn off or skip track.
2) Fit: I am asian and tend to have smaller ears. The earbud with 2 fit sizes (med and large) so I had to either push the earbuds uncomfortably deep into my ears or insert them loosely and risk them falling out. It would be nice to have a smaller fit option for people with smaller size ears.

Great for the price

I really like these wireless earbuds, as with anything you have your pros and your cons. If you can live with a few cons you can save some money when compared to the higher priced bigger name brands. I wouldn't call the cons listed below deal breakers but really more of a heads up for anyone looking to purchase these. Overall I'm happy with them and very happy I didn't spend $100 on a name brand set.

+they look nice and seem to be a quality build
+case is small and fits nicely in your pocket
+sound quality is surprisingly very good (nice deep base tones)
+good battery life
+touch sensitive controls
+low price

-touch sensitive controls (after a week I am finally getting the hang of them, I do feel like a little more R&D would be helpful)
-no volume control on the earbuds themselves so you will need to tough your phone for that
-wish it came with different sized ear tips, it comes with 2 sets but they look to be the same size. Maybe it's just me but the left one falls out, the right one stays in.

Great acoustical sound, features, with ANC for a reasonable price

Let me tell you, I’ve used numerous SoundPEATs products over the years, including wired and wireless models. These T2 Earbuds are the best so far with an excellent marriage of sound quality, features and price point. Prior to these, I had tried Apple Airpods and was not impressed with fit, features and price.

Pairing on the T2s was simple and straightforward. Overall, the great bass, mids, and treble sound quality, battery life, snug fit in each ear, and multiple ear tips are all pluses. Touch sensitive controls are a tap away on each bud for the multiple tap features/functions - next song, previous song, volume up/down, call controls, etc.

For the money, Soundpeat T2 ANC earbuds are an excellent value at a decent price point, and make sure you register the product for the extra 12 month warranty (total of 24 months).

I was very excited for the SoundPeats T2 to arrive and I have not been disappointed!

The SoundPEATS T2 Hybrid Active Noise Canceling Wireless Earbuds, ANC Earphones with Transparent Mode, Bluetooth 5.2 In-Ear Headphones, 30 Hours Playtime, USB-C Quick Charge, Stereo Sound with 12mm Driver arrived very quickly and I've been putting them through their paces for the past several days. The quality of the earbud's construction and the charging case seems really solid.

The sound quality is very good! Nice and clear (even soft sounds come through clearly), good solid bass and middle ranges. The volume is plenty loud even for these old ears. Rock on! I've made and received a couple of calls and the sound was really good on both ends. The fit is comfortable and secure; they have not fallen out once, even during changing yoga positions.

Yuchien Ma
Amazing quality earbuds that exceed every expectation

When I first bought this, I was not expecting much in terms of quality or comfort. I simply needed a set of earphones that is small and light that I could use them whenever I go study in the library or go to the gym. However, these earbuds truly exceeded my every expectation. I have bought $160 headsets in the past that leaked sounds, were uncomfortable to wear, or got damaged very easily. However, none of these seem to occur in this set of earbuds, and the price for it was simply amazing.
First, the packaging came with a sleek looking box with a charger inside, which you could use to charge each of the earbuds. The packaging looked very professional and very sleek, and the earbuds look and feel very comfortable. At first I was confused as to which earbud goes into which ear, but they clearly label each earbud so that you won’t get them mixed up.
Comfort and Fit:
Once I figured out how to place them, both of them fit firmly and comfortable inside my ears. I wore them to the gym, and while I was doing cardio and body-resistant work out, they still remained firmly intact inside my ear. Even while jumping up and down or planking sideways the earbuds still stayed in my ears!! My normal old headphones would fall out the minute I began to sweat!
Sound quality:
I tested these earbuds on various different songs that I like to listen to, particularly with pop and classical songs. With pop songs, I can clearly hear the base, the drums, and the voices also remained very clear. Additionally, the background music of the songs also become much clearer than normal headphones, and I can clearly hear the background accompaniment. In One Republic’s “Secrets”, I could clearly hear the cello background even when they reached the chorus, when usually in my normal earphones, the cello background would have been drowned out by the chorus. However, in these earbuds, I could clearly hear every layer of the music. The base and the drums become very very enjoyable when you turn the volume up!! When testing with classical music, I can hear all of the parts very clearly. For instance, in Mendelssohn’s concerto in E minor, I can hear the solo violin to a crisp detail, and the background is also amazingly clear. I used to use a software to emulate all of these sounds, but these earbuds do all of this automatically, I have no idea how.
Style and Look:
They fit very snugly inside my ears, and I’m not going to lie: they look amazing. They designed it so that they fit very well inside your ears, and it also looks very sleek when you wear them.
Final Verdict:
These earbuds offer way more than the price says. I have never been more impressed with the value of the item versus the price of the product on Amazon. I would definitely be showing my friends and family this set of earbuds and perhaps buy a few sets to give them as presents!!