Polypropylene Carton Strapping Bundling Kit Ez Straps x 2 pack

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Ez Straps Polypropylene Strapping is a lightweight plastic strapping


That is used to secure cargo to pallets or bundle things for transportation. It's the most popular and cost-effective sort of plastic strap.
It has outstanding elongation recovery qualities, making it perfect for shrinking or compressing items like coir brackets, newspaper bundles, and many others.


  • Papers, wood, and pipes etc. bundling.
  • To seal and secure boxes and bails.
  • Loads are secured to pallets by tying them together.
  • Agricultural goods.
  • Textiles.
  • Rolls of paper or steel coils that need to be sealed and secured.


Ez straps strapping kit is available in 20m long with 10 buckle pieces.

Ez straps Polypropylene Strapping is designed to be used with both hand tools and high-speed power strapping equipment. Surface qualities are adjusted in all types, reducing tensioning effort, increasing tension transfer around corners, and increasing operating efficiency. To improve the dependability of tools and power equipment, they are all split-resistant.

How to use:

1. Loop strap through plastic buckle square.
2. Drop levers, loop strap through and over.
3. Pull strap through between dropped lever and square.


• Position buckle in right place.
• Be careful with fingers and hands.
• Keep out of children's reach.
• Keep away from fire.

*colors may vary

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