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How to Decide Which Flashlight You Should Buy For Travelling - KC Outdoors

How to Decide Which Flashlight You Should Buy For Travelling

How to Decide Which Flashlight You Should Buy For Travelling

Traveling is one of the most exciting things you can do, and each destination necessitates a unique set of tools or clothing to securely get you there and back. If you're visiting a city, you'll likely need warm clothing and comfortable shoes to travel around. However, if you're visiting a mountain, you'll likely need bug repellant and LED torches.

When it comes to illuminating the subject of your trip, deciding which torch will best fit your needs can be difficult. To assist you with this conundrum, we've put together a quick guide on how to choose the best flashlight for your travels.

The Life of the Batteries

The battery life of your torch is the first item to consider in this crucial quest for information. Battery life is critical, as the longer you can go without changing the batteries, the less money you'll spend in the long run. You should also examine the battery's capacity in relation to the amount of light output, as a long-lasting battery isn't worth much if it powers a globe that is hardly visible.

If you can recharge the batteries, and see how long they will last on a full charge, that is a nice thing to consider. A rechargeable battery that lasts a long time usually means a high-quality battery and, thus, a good torch.


The torch's lumens are next on the list.

The units of light emitted by the torch are called lumens. Flashlights are likely to provide the highest lumens of any other type of torch you'll come across. A bright torch isn't always the best option, as it can cause problems for other people and native animals in the area you're visiting. Look for a balance, and always test the torch before you buy it, because the packaging may not show how strong it is.


The portability of your torch is critical, as torches are designed to be portable. Some rechargeable torches with a high lumen count are actually lantern-styled torches that take up far too much space in your luggage. Others may fit on a keychain, but when fully charged and turned on, they generate almost no light, rendering them basically useless. A reasonable rule of thumb is that a torch that fits comfortably in one hand will be bright enough, whereas a keychain torch will be too small for one hand and a lantern will be far too large.