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Are Olight Flashlight worth it? - Kc Outdoors Australia - KC Outdoors

Are Olight Flashlight worth it? Kc Outdoors Australia

Are Olight Flashlight worth it?

Olight Flashlight Review

Olight is a brand that provides high-quality illumination devices. The firm caters to outdoor enthusiasts, athletes, veterans, do-it-yourselfers, and the average man. The objective of the Olight flashlight is to get the Olight into the hands of as many people as possible because they think that no one should be left in the dark.

Olight has over 167k Instagram followers and 290k Facebook fans, indicating that these lighting solutions are popular throughout the world!

This Olight Australia flashlight review will take a deep dive into the brand and its products. This review will also look at customer ratings, promotions, and more, to help you decide if their products are worth buying. 

Overview of Olight

Olight Flashlight Review

In 2006, Olight Flashlight was founded. Following its success in Europe's outdoor and flashlight enthusiast industries, Olight shifted its focus to the tactical market, producing devices specifically for law enforcement and government organizations.

The brand's objective is to keep creating cutting-edge goods and retaining Olight's position as a global leader in the illumination tool industry.

China is where Olight Flashlights are made. The company, on the other hand, believes in giving back to the community and has worked with a number of charities.

For example, in 2020, Olight gave almost $1,375,400 to 11 nations throughout the world to help during Covid-19's toughest days. Additionally, all revenues from the brand's Breast Cancer Charity sale were donated to breast cancer causes.

If you’re interested in learning more about Olight’s charitable efforts, like the 500 Obulbs that were donated to Shriners Hospitals for Children in the US, be sure to take a look at the brand’s donations tab. In the next section of this Olight Flashlight review we’ll be looking at some highlights of the brand.


  • A wide selection of high-quality flashlights and illuminating gadgets are available.
  • Suitable for tactical applications
  • Various sizes are available to fulfill a variety of purposes.
  • Customers like the company's customer service.
Olight Flashlight Review

No one should be left in the dark, period, as the brand claims. Prepare yourself for any circumstance, whether it's a blackout, a dark cavern, or just strolling to your car late at night. Olight has a wide range of products to suit every need.

This Olight Flashlight review will focus on the brand's most popular items. With an Olight flashlight, you can light up your life even in the darkest of moments..

Olight Flashlight Bestsellers

This Olight flashlight review will take a look at their bestselling products. Light up your life even in the darkest of times with one of these devices:



Olight Warrior Mini 2 EDC Tactical Light Review

This small-but-mighty machine is made with everyday and emergency use in mind. The Olight Warrior Mini 2 EDC Tactical Light is a hand-held flashlight with 1750 lumens and a 45-day lasting power! It can brighten your surroundings up to 220 metres away

It also has a bezel and a reversible clip so that you can easily switch up the flashlight’s position depending on your needs. You can even stash this flashlight in your pocket or drawer without worrying about overheating—it has a Smart Proximity Sensor which powers the flashlight down when it senses the lens is covered. 

The Olight Warrior Mini 2 EDC Tactical Light comes in black and tan color options.


Olight S1R Baton II EDC Light Review

This tiny flashlight is a perfect backup to keep in your purse or pocket. At only 63mm long it is light and portable, but has a powerful 1000 lumen output and 145 metre throw

The S1R Baton II EDC Light has a three-light indicator so you can easily check your battery levels. You can trust the battery to last you 8 days, and it is easily rechargeable with a magnetic USB charger, too.

At only 51 grams, you will barely notice this flashlight in your pocket. It comes with a multi-directional pocket clip so you can attach it to your pocket, belt loop, or hat. Like all Olight products, it is also waterproof to withstand the elements.

The S1R Baton II EDC Light is available in black and comes with a battery, battery storage box, magnetic USB charging cable, storage pouch, loop ring, and manual. 


Olight Baton 3 Rechargeable Flashlight Review

The Olight Baton 3 Rechargeable Flashlight is another tiny light made with everyday use  in mind. It’s Olight’s most popular pocket light option and comes with a variety of features. 

This handheld flashlight can run for 20 days and gives you 1200 lumen strength, reaching 166 metres. It is waterproof and will survive drops from up to 1.5 metres. 

At only 2.4” long it is very lightweight and portable, and has a textured exterior for easy grip. It’s bottom is magnetic, so you can hang it from any iron surface too.

The Olight Baton 3 Rechargeable Flashlight also comes with a reversible clip so you can attach it to your coat or backpack strap and not worry about losing it.


Olight Flashlight Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Olight Flashlight Review

It is time for this Olight Flashlight review to reveal what customers of the brand honestly think. First, let’s skip to the good. 

Olight Flashlights has a B rating from the Better Business Bureau. Customer evaluations on sites like Trustpilot offer Olight a 4.9/5 star rating, which is rather impressive. With well over 1000 reviews, the majority are extremely favorable, with only 2% being negative.

Customers praise the business for high-quality items that are worth the money, comfortable, adaptive designs, lifespan, sales frequency, speedy shipment, and friendly customer support.

One customer complimented the brand on its delivery and service, saying, “Bought a few items now and each one is well made and an absolute bargain. Delivery super quick and at excellent prices. A small problem was quickly resolved. I would definitely recommend it to friends and family.”

Olight Flashlight Review

On Amazon Olight received even more praise for the quality of the rechargeable Baton 3 flashlight,  as one customer declared it the “best light for the money”:  

This is my 6th olight. I’m I low voltage technician and use them daily. This is by far the best light for the money. If your on the fence about this light then just do it… you won’t be disappointed,” the reviewer said.

With so many positive reviews and comments about the brand from satisfied consumers, it's no surprise that we discovered even more positive news about Olight on Trustpilot. Let's take a trip across the pond to hear from UK customers Gareth and Sharon on their purchases:

"Great candles," says the narrator. I had a problem with one of my obulbs, so I returned it, and it was corrected within a week. What more could you ask for when it comes to excellent customer service and staff? I'll definitely be purchasing more from olight."

While most Olight customers appear to be happy with their purchases, it's only fair to disclose the limited number of complaints concerning defective or malfunctioning items that have been delivered. As this Olight Flashlight review previously mentioned, only 2% of the brand’s thousands of reviews are negative.

All in all, Olight has gotten a double thumbs up from people seeking a premium light source all over the world. So, there are plenty of positives to outweigh the not-so-positives in our books.

Are Olight Flashlights Worth It?

Olight Flashlight Review

So, what is the verdict of this Olight flashlight review? After looking at the items and reading the user reviews, we believe these flashlights are well worth the money. The company creates cutting-edge lighting technology that may be utilized for a range of applications.

There's a flashlight for every occasion, from the Obulb MC to the Olight Odin. Olight flashlights have you covered whether you're on a weekend camping vacation or heading to your car late at night.

The bad reviews about broken or malfunctioning things coming are understandably concerning. However, the fact that Olight goods have thousands of delighted consumers is comforting.

Even if you receive a defective flashlight, Olight customer support will go above and beyond to assist you in resolving the issue. So don't be concerned. Never be frightened of the dark again, and let Olight Australia's powerful light enlighten your environment.