SOUNDPEATS Truengine 3SE True Wireless Earbuds

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Kishan Kumar
Amazing. A must buy at this price!!

Im not sure these have a weakspot sound wise, but if i had to pick one it might be a touch more in the 20-30hzhz range. But at this cost,, so good! These are very nuetral sounding headphones, with a slight roll off up top. They arent "tinny", or harsh. They dont over boom or sound muddy. They are almost perfect. Touch too much bass?...maybe, but it's controlled and sounds like a quality bass. Only lacking in the lowest of lows and highest of high from high dollar headsets.

wayne wong
Long lasting battery for tiny earbuds

I had an older earbud that recently broke due to my fault. Left in bag which dropped and snapped. These so far are an improvement.

I have paired these with iPhone 8 and primarily use these for workouts and walks.

- earbuds
- flip charging case used for storage
- USB cable for charging
- different size earbuds
- user manual

I use this paired with phone for work out (1-2 hrs daily). Use for listening to music. Have used on small occasion for quick call and the sound is clear.

The fit is great and snug. Stays in while running and blocks out enough noise for me to enjoy music. Have not had to charge the case just yet for several days as it charges earbuds back to 100%. After a couple of hours use, has not fallen below 90% so recharging is minimal.

- Easy to pair
- Great fit
- Lightweight
- Good sound for music and calls
- Easy controls. click once to pause/answer/end calls. click 2x to advance track or rewind
- Long lasting battery
- Nice case. Has flip cover to protect

- No control for volume
- Phone calls not always consistently clear for caller. For me, I hear them loud and clear. They sometimes had trouble hearing my voice as outside noise interfered.
- Though easy to control with clicks, would be nice if it is was touch control.
- Would be nice if it used USB-C charge

J. P.
5.0 out of 5 stars Affordable, Great Sounding True Wireless Earbud!

've been using multiple bluetooth earbuds for the past 5+ years and I finally got the one I most like! I have a similar product but that one doesn't have a case cover like this one. The problem about not having case cover is that the earbuds get dusty very easily. Some may say it's convenient without the cover to take the earbuds out or put them back in but I like having more protection for these amazing sounding earbuds.

I always try to listen to the music at the highest bit-rate as possible and this pair of earbuds just blew my mind! There is virtually no distortion for either high or low frequency and the mid tone is well balanced. They are very light-weight so I had no problem listening to music for a long time.

Charging is quick and it seems like it charges for about 30+ mins for 4+ hours of play. I haven't encountered the time when I have to charge the case from 0 to 100 yet so I'm not sure if it can play 35 hours of time. Just so you know it's not a continuous 35 hours of play. That's the only thing I'd somewhat point out. It's not misleading but you will need to charge them between every 4-5 hours of continuous play.

The case is well built and the quality of the magnets used to hold the earbuds inside the case is exceptional.

I'd highly recommend this to anyone who's looking for True Wireless Earbuds.