SOUNDPEATS Sonic True Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5.2

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Win Micheal
Great battery life, build quality, bass and excellent value

I purchased these earbuds after being disappointed with the amount of bass on my Samsung Galaxy Buds+ and having had good experiences with Soundpeats sound quality previously. The Soundpeats Sonic earbuds do not disappoint. It has great deep bass and it sounds as though youre listening to a large sound system.

Pairing was easy with my Samsung S20 Ultra phone the buds were already in pairing mode when I took them out of the case and I was able to connect instantly. The build quality is great with both the earbuds and case having a premium silver look.

With other earbuds, Ive had issues with the buds coming out after walking around, but the Soundpeats Sonic earbuds fit my ears smugly and stayed in even after moving around.

Battery life is excellent around 15 hours which means I can use them all day at work without needing to worry about charging.

A previous review mentioned that the charging was through a micro USB connector but this seems to have been updated as mine came with a USB connector port which is great as I can just use the same cable as for my phone.

In conclusion great battery life and build quality and much cheaper than my Samsung Galaxy Buds+ with much better bass.

David Grisham
Great sports watch!

Ive had my watch for about 4 weeks now and am happy to report it has fully lived up to the reviews and expectations. The watch came about 25% charged out of the box and ready to go, I did fight the temptation to start wearing it right away and charged it to 100%. Installed the iPhone app while waiting, I will say it was a tad confusing when asking for the login code but I think that was me not realizing it had taken the code sent thru text and was actually waiting for login credentials. After that the watch connected without issue and has remained connected. I am using it with an iPhone XR for reference.

Battery life is good, I havent made it to 10 days, 7 days seems more like it but since this is my first fitness tracker I think I tend to check it more frequently than normal. Ive run it down to around 10% charge, connected it to the charger and been back to 100% in a couple of hours. Main take-away here is that I dont have to worry with charging it every single night.

Ludwig D.
Fantastic set of True Wireless Earbuds - punches well above its weight!

Given the impressive specs of the SoundPeats Sonic and a price tag that is less than half of most true wireless earbuds out in the market, I decided there wasn't much to lose so I bought a pair to find out if they would deliver on their claims. Long story short, I am completely blown away at how good they are and I am genuinely surprised at how little I've heard about these earbuds or the brand on major tech/headphone blogs or review articles up until now.

- Fantastic sound quality - detailed highs, rich mids and clear bass which isn't too punchy.
- Easy pairing and excellent connectivity. I've used them over long hours and have not had any issues, compared to my JBL Reflect Flow which drops out occasionally.
- Whooping 15 hours of battery life on a single charge without the case (plus two additional charges with the case). This is the longest in any true wireless earbuds I've seen.
- Left and right earbuds can be used independently.
- IPX5 rating.
- Comfortable fit - I have had them on for the entire day without issues, sometimes even forgetting that they're there.

- Less secure during intense activities/workouts due to lack of earbud wingtips (not necessary for casual activities or light exercises, but it would be nice to have the option)
- Not IPX7 rating.

Rocky O
5th pair of soundpeats. This one has Awesome bass. Much better than my Airpods.

5th pair of soundpeats. Great Sound quality. Awesome bass.
I prefer to use these than my Airpods beacuse this has much better rumbling bass and they fit well.
Priced right and the customer service is great.
Highly recomend. You will not be disappointed.
If you love Bass you must try these.

Outstanding quality and value!

These earbuds are fantastic for the low price!
Build quality is very good, with a sleek design and appealing colour scheme. The charging case is compact and fits nicely into your pocket.
The sound quality is on par with similar high end products, providing strong bass and clear mids and highs.
Call quality is clear both in and outdoors.
They are lightweight and fit snuggly in the ear, ensuring they remain secure during movement. Even after wearing them all day, I didnt have any discomfort and the small/medium/large earbuds provided in the package do a great job of blocking out external noise. They also fit nicely inside the ear socket and dont protrude out significantly compared to other products.
They transition seamlessly between devices (tried on an Android phone, iPhone and laptop) and I am yet to experience a drop out.
Battery life is outstanding, with over 50% battery remaining after 8 straight hours of use.
Overall, its hard to fault these earbuds for the price and I will be recommending them to my friends and family!