SOUNDPEATS Q True Wireless Earbuds

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The Wireless Charger is not included in the package, and the USB-C Cable is coming together with the earbuds.

  • Reset:
  • 1. Clear pairing record
  • 2. Place back both earbuds into case and open up the case lid
  • 3.Press and hold the charging case button for 10s

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
They just work!

Nice sleek design with a solid build, unlike many other earbuds available in the market at the similar price range. Very responsive when pairing with each other as well as pairing with phone when you take them out of the case. Have not experienced any unexpected drop outs and have a good range on them.

They have a good sound on them, though I'm no audiophile. Not sure if the noise cancelling is due to the silicon tips being a good fit or if it was the active noise cancelling hardware. Either way, it works.

Battery life has been good as advertised. Have USB 3 charging as well as wireless charging capability means it fits in well with all your other devices.

The only slight down side are the touch control on the earbuds where they have a slight lag in responsiveness. However, not something that really bothered me too much.

Overall conclusion is, they just work! If you want something reliable, connects quickly, good sound quality and competitively priced, then this is the one for you (provided you are the type of person who likes earbuds with silicon tips)

Shane Karl
Good stuff

These earbuds are great. The form factor is nice and small, so they fit well in the ear. They use a good clicky button, so no accidental presses. Battery life is solid also, at about 4 hours. You get quite a few recharges from the case as well, which closes magnetically. Now for the sound quality. These sound pretty nice. Good clarity, good bass, and they get plenty loud.

Ludwig D.
Amazing sound and high quality build!

Amazing bang for the buck.
These earphones are so convenient and versatile. I can just open the case and they connect seamlessly to my IPhone 6s. The high quality case has a satisfying magnetic click when opening and closing. The case is also a charging station for the earphones, making it almost impossible to run out of battery.

They have a very clean, sleek and modern design; very fashionable! The audio quality is amazing. It has punchy bass and very clear mids, highs and lows. I could compare these to my $100 Sennheiser Momentum earphones.

These earphones are extremely comfortable to wear, as they fit snug in my ear. The silicon tips create a seal that blocks out any white/background noise. I use the Soundpeats often on train and bus commutes to and from school. The gesture buttons on the side are also extremely convenient as they allow me to play, pause and skip songs without touching my phone, and just clicking the side of the earphones. They take up very little room and can be easily slipped into my pocket.

Overall, you're not going to find a better deal earphones for the price. They sound amazing, are extremely versatile and affordable. Can't go wrong!

Fahad F.
Quality earbuds punching well above their weight

This is my second pair of SoundPeat earbuds. The first I bought were the SoundPeat TrueWings that I bought for exercise. I was so impressed my the TrueWings that I thought I would try one of the other SoundPeats earbuds for everyday use.

The earbuds and case came with charge so I was able to use them immediately. The earbuds powered on on opening the case. Pairing was easy and the earbuds connect automatically on opening the case after the first pairing.

These earbuds come in a small package and definitely feel premium. Its size is similar to the Galaxy buds case and fits easily into the pocket so can be taken with you everywhere. The attached pictures show the case size comparison for the SoundPeats Q, Galaxy buds, and the SoundPeats TrueWings. The charging case uses USB-C and also charges wirelessly. I tried charging it with my Samsung Galaxy phone and also the wireless charging tray in-built in my car and it worked seamlessly.