Olight UC (Universal battery charger) + Two Olight 18650 2600/3400/3600mAh Batt

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UC (Universal Battery Charger) is a universal magnetic USB charger for all single cylinder rechargeable lithium or NiMH batteries of variable sizes. The charger is connected to the battery through the magnetic ends. It can recognize the battery polarities, with a maximum charging current reaching 750mA.
This product has a simplified structure resembling that of an earphone. It also uses premium Eco-friendly silicone material and tangle-free flat cable design, making it easier for storing and carrying. UC is an excellent charger choice for outdoor uses and traveling.

10340 12340 14430 17670 20700 26650
14500 16500 (RCR123A) 18350 21700 AA
14650 16340 16650 18490 22500 AAA
10350 12500 17350 18500 22650 AAAA
10440 12650 17500 18650 25500 C
10500 14350 17650 18700 26500

Main Material
*Silicon (Cable wrap), rubber (body), aluminium alloy (battery polarity and connection cable)
*(L)300mm x(W)8.7mm x(TH)21mm
*20.5 g
*Black(Cable), Blue(Cable Spliter)
Powered by
*Cylinder shaped rechargeable lithium and NiMH batteries
Rated Voltage
*4.7V to 5.2V
* CC & CV rechargeable lithium batteries
* CC-DELTA V NiMH batteries
*Red indicator (Blinks 3 times per second) - Standby
* Red indicator - Charging
* Green indicator (steady) - Charging Completed
Max.Charging Current
Max. Charging Voltage
*4.25V for rechargeable lithium battery
*1.45V for NiMH battery
Charging Cut-Off Points
* When the charging current drops down blow 100mA for re chargeable lithium battery.
* Delta V (when the voltage drops after it is fully charged) for NiMH battery.

Olight 18650 Battaries:
Optimized for use in the flashlight, Overall Olight lithium battery series are made by high performance battery cells,built-in circuit protecting board in each product, life time are up to 500 charging cycle, providing a more cost save and enviromentally frindy battery solution.

Triple over-heat protection
over-discharge protection to maximize performance
Optimal for high-drain devices
Higher energy density, higher capacity and lower weight than other types rechargeable batteries
Manufactured under ISO9001-2000 to assure quality
Improved Battery Safety
Free from Leakage of Liquid Electrolyte
Low Battery Internal Impedance
High Capacity at Low Temperature (-10C or below) Related Items

2600mAh Specifications:
Type: 18650-2600mAh
Model No: ORB-186P26
Chemistry: Li-ion
Capacity (mAh): 2600
Voltage: 3.7V
Maximum Charge Current: 2600mA (1C)
Maximum Discharge Current: 4200mA
Charge Current: 1300mA (0.5C)
Charging Cycle: 500 times
Weight: 47g
Dimensions: Dia18.6mm, Length 69.5mm(D x H)

3400mAh Specifications:
Type: 18650-3400mAh
Model No: ORB-186P34
Chemistry: Li-ion
Capacity (mAh): 3400
Voltage: 3.6V
Maximum Charge: 3600mA (1C)
Maximum Discharge Current: 4200mA
Charge Current: 1700mA (0.5C)
Charging Cycle: 500 times
Weight: 49g
Dimensions: Dia18.6mm, Length 69.5mm(D x H)

3600mAh Specifications:
Type: 18500-3600mAh
Model No: ORB-186P36
Chemistry: Li-ion
Nominal capacity: 3450mAh
Maximum capacity: 3600mAh
Nominal Voltage: 3.6V
Maximum Discharge Current: 6000mA
Charging Current: 1800mA (0.5C)
Charging Cycle: 500 times
Weight: 50.2g Dimensions: Dia18.5 ± 0.1mm,Length 68.7±0.5mm

Package includes:
One Olight Universal Magnetic UC Charger
Two Brand New Olight 18650 2600/3400/3600mAh (Please select) protected Li-ion rechargeable batteries